Cooking, baking and creating new recipes; these weren't just hobbies for these three sisters, they've been an integral part of their life from a very young age. A meal was never too small; from pasta to simple but sweet dessert.

Anna, Teresa & Daniella have always understood fresh produce and quality food. For them, food brings family together. And family makes everyone happy. As they grew up, this never changed. It was always a big Italian, family affair. Their Mum, Dad, Nonna B, aunties, uncles and cousins can still be found in the kitchen trialing different foods for every occasion. Any excuse! For Anna, it was always baking desserts. For Teresa and Daniella, it has been about requesting and testing her culinary skills.

So here we are; after years of cooking, baking, making and months of playing trial and tribulation the girls believe each freshly baked cookie should bring you as much joy as the next - eat one solo, split for two, four, five, six or seven. Freshly baked cookies would have been the ultimate gift given to them, so here it is for you.
Like any good Italian recipe; Sweet Splits use only the finest ingredients and are made in small batches, from scratch. Each recipe has been precisely measured to create a smooth yet chunky experience with intense flavour. Sweet Splits brings you a world of dolce ~ forever.