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Original base with white choc chips, rainbow sprinkles, and a nutella centre

Original base with Lotus Biscoff chunks, white choc chips and a Lotus Biscoff spread centre

Original base with crushed Oreo's and Cadbury Caramilk chunks

Chocolate base with peanut butter chips and milk choc chips

Original base with Macadamia nuts and a mix of golden caramelised white choc chips and white choc chips

Original and chocolate base swirled together and loaded with Cadbury Marble chunks

Original base with milk and dark choc chips

*SPECIAL! Coconut base with coconut cream biscuits, crushed almonds, white choc chips and a raffaello centre

Cookie Cake


Extra large cookie available in any of our flavours - perfect for any celebration! Serves 8-10. *Minimum of 48 hours notice required for cookie cakes.